Vermis Meridiem

More Stars than There are

Effort and Faith

“Now, let me share my Miracles.
Only, their ultimate effectiveness will be
determined by your efforts, and your faith.”

—Petrus of Thorolund, Dark Souls.


the same notion can present itself in millions of ways, and we will never cease to be fascinated by it—for all the good reasons in living


Trials in A Hot Spell

Bolts of Lightning,
In shivering thuds
So tumultuous,
Shook the roof above—

Ceilings once
so sure and secure,
Now rendered ragged,
powerless and brittle.

your small world
Darkness seized, and
False Light interrupted.

A Calling
So clear—

For reevaluation;
to break away from
self-afflicting routines,

Yet the mind,
feeble and deprived of

Old Sins—

Once the rain
Subsides, along will fade
Memories of
this most Intimate
and Loud

But Resist
We must,
Goodness and Love
take Discipline,

We Must refrain,
Hold ourselves
From the perpetual

Write it all down!
So that after
this gentle humidity

The Will
to Fight,
to Learn,
to Crawl,
and to eventually Walk

Under the boiling Sun.

Standing Upright,
We each create
Testaments of true Heart
and Devotion—

Who shall survive
Past our time
In the blistering trials of
Hot Spells.


Bittersweet Faith

resignations: made sexy 


                                          to cherish it is our only right

Compassion Only

“A heart does not break; it goes on beating.” 

—Dr. Joe Gallenberger.

Breaking Routines

Love our elliptic blue ball, its valleys of green and blue immense waters. Back to the beginning; senses renewed. Regain your true self one crisp sound at a time.

Taking It Chilled

We take our drinks Cold,
Icy and chilled,
So the Stench—

of stale tonics,
of each other’s true repulsive
Scents and Intents,

of our unfavorable Circumstances,
and of the futility
of it all

Can thoroughly
Escape our paralyzed


a night of passion strained and spent, and the sun rose, and painted it all